A Portrait in Words

Portrait in Words Freelance 

Much like the visual arts, words carefully crafted create portraits that generate emotion, illustrate achievement and prompt action. These word portraits are framed in letters, articles and websites. When complete, they set a mood, inspire and sell a product or service.

But how do you transform a blank canvas into a word portrait using an intricate palette of information when you have no brush? Or canvas? Or even the palette?

Welcome to Portrait in Words where together we create word portraits that bring success to your ventures.

My brush is comprised of over 30 years as a professional writer. The canvases I’ve used include fund-raising letters to web content to news releases. My information palettes range from higher education and government to journalism and nonprofits.

When finished, the word portrait we create is a dynamic showpiece for your organization’s strategic gallery that effectively interprets your vision and meets your public relations goals.




I highly recommend Janell without reservation

I have known Janell for over 30 years. I am aware of her progressive exerience in writing, editing and marketing. She recently helped me write my business plan as well as edit my website content. The extra polish and professionalism that she added to my marketing materials will definitely give me a competitive edge. - Beth Stertz, Common Sense Office